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cropped-21369239_346941745727839_3968177162880622184_n1.jpgHello! Welcome to the StraitsJourneys blog, or simply StraitsBlog. StraitsJourneys connects travelers looking for a richer experience with local experts who have deep subject knowledge. We want to help you make lasting memories of your trips and give you real stories about a place that you can take home and share.

As tourists, we can feel disconnected with a city even after diligently ticking off the must-see list. Real interactions and knowledge hidden beneath the surface are often still missing.

Be less touristy

Determined to get a deeper view, we started out making a list of authentic ways to enjoy different cities from an insider’s viewpoint. Conversations brewed with subject experts, media, friends, basically anyone who had a finger on the real pulse of the city they lived in or topics they were feverish about.

Between a mixture of luck, tenacity, thick-skinned encounters and awesome networks, we’re just about ready to start taking you on the same journeys we’d love to have: journeys that turn tourists into travelers.


Whether you’re that smart, chic frequent flyer who is thirsty for more, or an eternally curious but hopeless planner, we welcome you to join us. If you have an insider’s take on a particular topic or in-depth experience with a certain place, we’d love to hear from you too.

Follow us here and on Facebook to find insights like how the housekeepers were instrumental in preserving the Blue Mansion in Penang, how the competition winners designed Gardens by the Bay, and or how to carve your favorite Peranakan delicacies out of rubber.

Till next time!

StraitsJourneys is a place for travelers to find and book deep travel experiences tailored to specific interests. The experiences are presented by carefully selected local experts. We expect to launch in early 2018. In the meantime,  register your interest in StraitsJourneys and be the first to receive our stories, updates and offers.

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