StraitsJourneys is Counting Down to Launch!

Our mission is to transform the guided tour sector from overdone standard packages into highly-personalized, knowledge-driven experiences.

We welcome experience seekers, knowledge providers and all who share our love of immersive cultural experiences to join us on this journey.

Be sure to keep an eye out for exclusive promotions that we’ll be offering to celebrate the launch! Coming soon! 

Who We Are

We’re avid travelers. We crave deep local knowledge, insider access and authentic experiences that give us genuine insight into a place, its people, history and culture. We look for experiences that leave us seeking more, so a trip doesn’t end on the return flight, but stays in our memories and spurs us to keep learning.

Our Beginnings

Judy Chang and her husband are both culture enthusiasts, history buffs and deep travelers. After moving from New York City to Singapore in 2007, they dove excitedly into traveling around Southeast Asia, but found that their trips were often limited by the quality of their tour guides. Many didn’t speak English well or imparted blatantly incorrect information, so Judy and her husband began engaging subject matter experts to guide them instead.

At the Taj Mahal, they found a conservationist who worked on the monument. They visited the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) with a PhD candidate in Chinese History. Most recently, at Angkor Wat, they were accompanied by an archaeologist researching on site. These subject matter experts were able to offer a completely different experience, an exclusive insider look, and illuminated the bigger, unseen picture surrounding these popular sites.

Judy greatly enjoyed these experiences, and StraitsJourneys was born in 2015 out of her desire to offer the same opportunities to other travelers.

How It All Works

On the StraitsJourneys website, visitors can search for experiences based on countries, dates or categories like Architecture, Photography and Food and Wine. Filters such as price range, number of participants and duration of the experience can then be applied to help narrow the search results further.

Once you’ve made a reservation for your chosen experience and paid, you’ll receive an email acknowledging your request. Then, we’ll email you within 3 working days to confirm your booking or to suggest alternatives in the event that the expert cannot accommodate your dates. Once confirmed, you’re good to go!

Ready to get off the beaten tourist track? Start searching for experiences.

Are you a professor or professional with deep local knowledge in your field? Want to give visitors a richer experience of your city? Join us as a StraitsExpert.

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ.

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